15$ (470 rubles) per night

This hostel is situated in the South-Western district of Moscow on Leninsky prospekt street, walking distance from Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station of the Sokolnichesaya line.

470 rubles is a usual rate if you pay per day.

The neighbourhood is good and calm with well developed transport system, places for shopping, sports and leisure.

4 people in the room, men and women live in separate rooms. This hostel is equipped with everything you may need. All the household appliances are new, TV and WiFi in every room. New pillows, blankets and mattresses.

Everyday cleaning is made, no alcohol, no deposit is required.


13$ (400 rubles) per night

Located in 2 minutes walk from Pervomaiskaya metro st of the Arbatsko-pokrovskaya line, on Pervomaiskaya street, with the rate of 400 rubles (13$) per night, this hostel represents a high quolity service for a reasonable price.

Modern design, good atmosphere and a well devoloped neighbourhood, together with a low price, make this hostel a really good place to stay if you search for comfort which will require minimal costs.

Several types of rooms for 2, 4 and 6 people are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. New furniture, well equipped kitchen, loundry and irining services, safe keeping and free WiFi are the faciities which will make your accomodation even more comfortable.


12$ (350 rubles) per night

Excellent location just next to the most famous exhibition in Moscow - VDNH.

This VDNH hostel per day rate vary from 230 (7,5$) rubles to 350 (12$) rubles. Special conditions for long term stay are provided. No deposit is necessary, you pay when check in.

Excellent neighborhood, one of the most ecological districts of Moscow, many places for recreation and fun. Well developed transportation net with metro station VDNH in walking distance and many bus, trolley and tram lines.

Free WiFi, two times a day cleaning and linen change, laundry and ironing are available as well as separate rooms for boys and girls.

If you pay per one day, you'll have a rate of 350 rubles, payment for a week gives you a rate of 310 rubles (2170 rubles total), e.t.c.


13$ (370 rubles) per night

Sadovaia-Kudrinskaya street hostel, 7 minutes walk from Barrikadnaya metro st.

The rate vary from 250 rubles (8$) to 370 rubles (13$) per night depending on the amount of guests and the time you plan to stay for.

Comfortable and vast rooms equipped with everything you may need, several bathrooms and water closets, everyday cleaning. Separate rooms for men and women are available.

No deposit needed, any papers confirming the expenses on accommodation can be provided, Registration by the address of the hostel is provided.

From 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. check in time. Wellcome!


12$ (350 rubles) per night

Good hostel with central location Novyj Arbat street, walking distance from Arbatskaya metro station. Ideal for holiday or business stay. 12$ per day is a very good price for this location.

This year renovation, cosy and comfortable rooms for 4, 8 and 10 people. New furniture and all the necessary household equipment is at your service. Round the clock check in. Security service, several times a day cleaning.


12$ (350 rubles) per night

Placed in the center of Moscow on Krasnoprudnaya street, minutes walk from central train station and 5 minutes walk from Komsomolskaya and Krasnoselskaya metro st. of the Sokolnicheskaya line. Both excellent location and prices.

The per day rate is from 230 (7,5$) to 350 rubles (12$) in dependence on the length of your stay.

Fresh renovation, new household equipment and other stuff, separate bathrooms and water closets. Only men and only women rooms are available.

Everyday cleaning and linen change, no alcohol.

No deposit needed, you pay on the check in. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


12$ (350 rubles) per night

Located in Okskaya street in the far South-Eastern part of the city this hostel introduces you a good rate of 350 rubles (12$) per night and 230 rubles (7.5$) if you stay for one month or more.

It will take you about 10 minutes walk to get to the Tekstilshiki metro station of the Tagansko-krasnopresnenskaya line and about 40 minutes total to reach the city center.

All the household equipment is new, laundry service, free WiFi. Good fresh renovation, several separate bathrooms and WC, everyday cleaning and linen change, no alcohol rule.

Check in time is from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m every day. Please, contact us for more information.


11$ (330 rubles) per night

Located in the Southern end of the city on Orechovyj proezd, this hostel offers you a nice rate of 11$ per night. It will take you just 7 minutes on foot to get to the metro station Shipiovskaya of Lublinskaya line and about 40 minutes total to get to the center of Moscow. Independence to the length of your stay the price an be lower, down to 7$ (220 rubles) per night.

For men and women separate rooms and bloks are introduced if needed.

All the necessary household appliances, dishes, plates and other things are for your service, new and clean. Everyday cleaning is made, no alcohol allowed.


10$ (310 rubles) per night

The hostel is situated on Miachkovsky boulevard, 15 minutes on foot from Bratislavskaya metro st. of the Lublinskaya metro line. 40 minutes to the city center.

1 day stay is 310 rubles, 1 week stay is 270 rubles per day (1897 rubles total), 1 month stay is 190 rubles per day (5700 rubles for month total).

Separate rooms for men and for women. Everything you need for comfortable living is here: dishes, laundry, WiFi, linen change and twice a day cleaning service. Last year renovation. No alcohol.

Check in time is from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. You pay when you check in. You can get all the necessary documents concerning your payments.

Call us for more details.


9$ (280) rubles per night

2 separate hostels for men and women in the central part of the city, walking distance from Kurskaya metro station of the Koltsevaia line.

280 - 350 rubles per night for the room for three people or separate room for 900 to 1800 per night. The rate depends on the occupancy of the hostel, on the period and the amount of guests who want to stay. Please check the availability and the current rate wit us before the arrival.


7$ (200 rubles) per night

Moscow, Novopeschanaya street, 7 minutes walk from Sokol metro st.

Good location, good neighbourhood and a good price you will get if you stay in this Sokol hostel. Well developed public transport system, several metro and bus lines, 24 hour shops, bars and restaurants.


7$ (200 rubles) per night

The hostel is placed on Fortunovskaya street, just 7 minutes walk from Partizanskaya metro station of Arbatsko-pokrovskaya metro line. It will take you just 25 minutes to get from the hostel to the city center.

You won't find this conditions of living for such a price anywhere else in Moscow. Good location in the district with the well developed infrastructure is also an advantage of this place.


7$ (200 rubles) per night

200 rubles per night is a usual rate, no deposit is required.

The hostel is placed in the South-Eastern district of Moscow, 5 minutes walk from Riazansky prospect metro station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line. It will take you just 25 minutes to get from the hostel to the city center.

Opened this year, new furniture and hosehold stuff, one of the lowest prices in Moscow. Ideal for groups of workers and travellers. Capable too meet up to 500 people simultaneously.


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