15$ (470 rubles) per night

This hostel is situated in the South-Western district of Moscow on Leninsky prospekt street, walking distance from Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station of the Sokolnichesaya line.

470 rubles is a usual rate if you pay per day.

The neighbourhood is good and calm with well developed transport system, places for shopping, sports and leisure.

4 people in the room, men and women live in separate rooms. This hostel is equipped with everything you may need. All the household appliances are new, TV and WiFi in every room. New pillows, blankets and mattresses.

Everyday cleaning is made, no alcohol, no deposit is required.


7$ (200 rubles) per night | Sergey Eizenshtein street, VDNH metro

This offer is for a group of 4. Otherwise the price will be higher. Comfortable beds in rooms for 4, 6, 8 and 10 people. It's possible to arrange a stay of more than 300 people simultaneously. The hostel is situated in Sergey Eizenshtein street, walking distance from metro. All the equipment is new, this year renovation, everything is clean and good looking. Separate WC clean and cosy. Laundry and kitchen are for your service. Wardrobes, tables cold and hot water are available in every room.

200 rubles per night is an average per night rate. Please check the availability in advance.

We can show you rooms and arrange you check in in one day. No deposit is required, you can stay any period you like. Registration by the address of the hostel is possible.

Please contact us for further information.


5$ (150 rubles) per night | Demian Bednij street, Polejaevskaya metro

A hostel with good location in the North-Western district of Moscow. A good location with well developed ground transport system. 5 minutes on bus from metro Polejaevskaya and Oktiabrskoe pole.

The price of 150 rubles per night (5$) will be introduced if you stay for one month and it is a very good offer for that kind of service. New furniture and equipment, this year renovation. The room capacity is from 4 to 16 people.

Kitchen, bathroom, WC and laundry are available on every floor.

Very cheap hostel with good conditions of living, just 20 minutes from the center of Moscow is up for you service. Contact us in case you want to book it or any extra information.


7$ (200 rubles) per night | Bojenko street, Molodejnaia metro st.

200 rubles per day (7$) for an excellent quality hostel with European class of service. Here you can get a very good combination of price and quality.

Vast dining room with kitchen and bar, separate bathrooms for women and men. Clean new and cosy WC. Wooden and carpet floors in the rooms. Cleaning is made twice a day. Sauna is available.

Every room is equipped with air-condition and fridge. A room with 20 sq. meters is for 4 men. All the payments after the check in. No deposits or extra charges are required for accommodation. In case you need registration, you'll get it by the address of the hostel.

Strictly no alcohol is allowed. Per day payments an stay is available.

This is one of the best offers if you stay on budget in Moscow. For more information. please, contact us.


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