5$ (150 rubles) Plehanova street, Perovo metro st.

The lowest level of prices available for accomodation in Moscow you can find in this hostel. We may say it's an extremely budget stay option.

This hostel is placed in the Western part of Moscow city, in the Kalininskaya metro line, 10 minutes walk from the metro station Perovo and 15 minutes walk from metro station Shosse Inthusiastov. The hostel is placed in a separate standing 7 floor building with 8, 10 or 12 sleeping places in a room. Al the rooms are equipped with two-tiered beds, wardrobes, chairs and tables. Kitchen, WC and bathrooms are for public usage and are placed in every floor of the hostel. Every room is equipped with modern security and check in systems.  Separate women only rooms are availble on demand.

More information on this item via online-contact form or telephone.

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